Why does your business need a website?

It's easier to remember a website address than a phone design company st louis
Your website will never have a busy signal.
Potential customers can see your products and services on your website.
Your website is up and running 24/7, even while you’re sleeping.
Your website will give you more exposure to potential customers.
Having a website is like sending a salesman through the computer to your potential customers.


What do you want your website to do for you?

Edge on your competition?
Looking for a start-up site that is built to impress?
Get more business?
Provide Information?
Sell products online?

St. Louis Web Center can help you to transform your ideas into reality online. We at St. Louis Web Center do the best to make this process easy for you. We put forth the effort to understand your business goals, message, and your target market to develop an approach that best suits your business needs. With your content leading the way, we will make the most of our website design services to build a website tailored for your business. Our highly skilled creative design team will build remarkable layouts that successfully communicate your message to your customers. While our talented development team consistently ensures that your website functions flawlessly.

How much do you like to spend in your website?

It really depends on what you want to do with your website. The cost can be as low as $99 and as high as $9999.  No Job is too big or too small for us.  A typical 5-page website without E-commerce is around $399.  We provide an affordable and functional web solution to business owners in St. Louis area.  Ask for a fee estimate of your web site design need.

st louis website design team member

 St. Louis Webcenter go through a 12 - step process to creates a website from beginning to end to meet your specific needs

  1. Consultation: Every successful project started out with a great plan. Send your website project details to via our no-obligation, free website design quote or call us at 314-560-6932. One of our project managers or designers will discuss the goals, ideas, color schemes, usability, and the overall strategy to produce a successful website with you.

  2. You receive a bid: We send you a personalized bid for your review and approval.

  3. Green light the website: Once both parties agree on the scope and all the details, we require a 50% down payment to begin website development. It's fair to both parties, plus you won't have to write a check for the entire amount upfront.

  4. Development begins: Once we receive the materials we need to fully understand the website project (as determined by the Consultation), the design team collaborates to discuss ideas, produce a demo, then email it to a client for approval or modifications feedback. (The demo is a functional website.)

  5. Website demo feedback: The clients either approves the demo or has the option to send an unlimited number of revisions in up to two emails to the design team. If the demo is approved, skip down to step 9. If the client wishes for the design team to make any adjustments or changes, he or she sends one email containing the client's list of changes.

  6. Website demo modifications: If necessary, the design team makes the first round of changes to the demo, then sends demo #2 to the client.

  7. Feedback round one: The client either approves the demo #2 or has the option to send an unlimited number of revisions in one more email to the design team.

  8. Modifications round two: The design team makes the second round of changes to the demo then sends the finalized demo #3 to the client.

  9. Website design conversion: Once the client approves the demo, our design team converts the files (used to create the demo image) into functional website pages, images, links, CSS, and so on. We add content to the pages as well. We test the functionality and troubleshoot any problems to ensure a smooth launch.

  10. Test-drive your website: After we complete the design and development, we publish the website, so you may review how the entire site will look and function before it goes public on the Internet. If the client needs us to make any small tweaks to the website, we make them at this point. If everything looks good, the client makes the final 50% payment so we can finalize the project and upload the website to the Internet.

  11. Hand the website to you: The website goes live for the world to see. We will teach you how to manage your website such as add new contents, make changes to the contents, track traffic to your websites, search engine submission etc.

  12. Follow Up: We will continuously monitor your website and keep on upgrading the website to latest technology available and send you suggestions to keep the website up.  If you have questions, contact us for help.  We are always here to help.

So what do you think? Ready to discuss some of your ideas? Send us your project details or call us at 314-881-9005. We look forward to hearing from you.